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There are many online groups for affected people where individuals can exchange information, especially on Facebook. We advise registering on forums that require membership and are moderated so that the communication is polite and constructive and the forum is not being misused to advertise harmful or useless products. Below, we have compiled blogs and videos that we consider helpful. If we have forgotten something or you disagree with the inclusion of a particular link, feel free to reach out to us!

Media Reports

This Technique Will Have You Stop Your Nail-Biting Once And For All
The Odyssey wrote an article about our decoupling method, which helps to reduce nail biting (also see here).
What Psychology Says About Nail Biting, And How To Stop
The Business Times published an article about nail biting and effective treatments!
11 Ideas To Stop Nail Biting: Good Bye Mangled Nails!
CureJoy gives 11 helpful ideas to stop you from nail biting – including habit reversal training and decoupling as well as some of the gadgets also listed on our website (see here).
Can I Get Sick from Biting My Nails?
This article gives a comprehensive overview on nail biting, its consequences, and ways to stop.
Nail Biting: A Habit or a Disease?
In this article, Medscape casts light on nail biting from a medical point of view – and discusses its classification as a habit versus a disorder.
Fighting the Shame of Skin Picking
The New York Times wrote a touching article about Deborah Huffman, who severely struggles with skin picking, and her journey of accepting the disorder. As you will learn, acceptance does not mean giving up!
On Skin Picking
This article by the School of Life explains why people pick their skin – and also provides a helpful YouTube video about the condition (see here).
Dermatillomania: meet the people who can’t stop skin picking
While providing information about skin picking, the guardian introduces several people and their individual journeys with the topic.
Pulling Out Your Hair? This Might Be the Cause
The New York Times published an article about Jayde Beaumont and her experience with trichotillomania, anxiety and isolation during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Biting the inside of the cheeks: understanding your habits
Betterhelp wrote an article on the topic of cheek biting and how this body-focused repetitive behavior is perhaps related to anxiety. 

Videos & Podcasts

Skin Picking and Hair Pulling Explained. What Are Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors?
In this YouTube video, Dr. Tracey Marks gives a very informative overview over BFRBs; including causes, symptoms and therapy of the disorders.
Best Tips To Help Skin Picking
The Youtuber in this video provides helpful tips to stop skin picking.
How to stop biting your nails
This YouTube video by Kia Charlotta who is affected by nail biting, offers tips on how to stop biting your nails.
Stop Skin Picking Coach
This YouTube Channel features numerous videos on skin picking in various formats, including a question-and-answer video, strategies for stopping skin picking, and an interview with the author of a self-help book.
The BFRB Podcast
Jose Alvear’s podcast focuses on body-focused repetitive behaviors. It features stories of people living with these disorders. It also discusses treatment options, resources, and self-care.
Trichster Movie
This film follows seven people with trichotillomania over the course of a year as they face their daily challenges.
Scars of Shame
This is a documentary on the topic of dermatillomania that follows Angela Hartlin on her search for answers about her condition. The film touches on Angela´s personal experience with dermatillomania, shedding light on the stigmatization she faced, but it also shows options for treatment and recovery. BFRB experts also share their views about skin picking.
Skin Picking can be a disorder – An expert explains why & how to stop
In this Video Cassandra Bankson who is affected by dermatillomania interviews the psychodermatologist Dr. Ahmed.  
My journey with trichotillomania & body-focused repetitive behavior
The youtuber Irene C. (“The thought stop”) talks about her personal experience with trichotillomania and lip biting.   
Bad Hair Life: A documentary about trichotillomania
This documentary by the TLC foundation shows first-hands accounts of adults and children struggling with trichotillomania and emphasizes the shame often related to the disorder.
Living with Trichotillomania (the uncontrollable urge to pull out your own hair)
In this video, Lauren talks about her experience with trichotillomania.
I can’t stop pulling my hair out (trichotillomania disorder)
This short film by Our Life portrays Danni, a woman affected by trichotillomania.

Info Pages

Canadian BFRB Support Network
This support network is committed to educating and supporting those affected by body-focused repetitive behaviors. The homepage features blogs, news, and numerous informative entries on the subject.
The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
The homepage of the TLC Foundation has a huge community and many blog entries. Registration is free of charge. It is a good way for those affected by the condition to gather information and get in touch with fellow sufferers.
Picking Me Foundation
The homepage of this foundation contains numerous testimonials from affected individuals as well as helpful links, blog entries, and tips on dealing with skin picking during COVID-19 and social isolation. is an online behavioral program designed to help individuals reduce unwanted skin picking, nail biting, and lip-cheek biting. The program is designed to help individuals identify situations associated with their picking or biting behaviors. It also recommends strategies that might help change the behaviors. It is not considered therapy in a strict sense and is not intended to replace individual behavioral therapy.
Anyone who likes to be on Instagram will surely enjoy this profile. It is run by Anja, who is affected by skin picking, nail biting, and cheek biting. She posts colorful illustrations of her experiences and personal tricks. She also has a website!


BFRB Awareness
This blog is for people with body-focused repetitive behaviors. Various people share their experiences and stories.
Diary of a Skin Picker
In this blog, a woman who suffers from skin picking shares information about skin picking and provides resources to help others.
A woman who suffers from trichotillomania shares personal stories and gives insights into her life with trichotillomania and how she deals with it. Through her stories, family members and/or sufferers will gain a deeper understanding of the disorder.
Celebrities with Trichotillomania
This blog identifies celebrities who have suffered from trichotillomania.
How Your Sensory Needs Affect Your Hair Pulling
This article describes how one’s sensory needs affect trichotillomania and offers helpful tips for dealing with these needs in an alternative way.
Stop Skin Picking Coach
Dr. Pasternak has suffered from skin picking herself and has successfully freed herself from it. She now wants to help other women become free from skin picking, hair pulling, and other body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs).
That BRBF Feel
This blog shares people’s personal experiences with BFRBs. Note that some of the posts on this blog may be triggering.
Break your BFRB
In her blog, a person with BFRBs shares tips, tricks, and resources for anyone who suffers from or is interested in BFRBs.
What is the Best Type of Trichotillomania Treatment?
The Manhattan Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy runs Mental Health Blogs on their website, including a blog on trichotillomania. In this article, Rachel Chang, a doctor in Psychology, discusses current treatment options for the disorder.

Self-Help Groups

Self-Helf Group Skin Picking Berlin
This group appears to be very popular. Therefore, newcomers may have to wait to be admitted. For further information, please visit Facebook or send an e-mail to
The TLC Foundation: Support Group Directory
The TLC foundation provides a list of English speaking support groups, some of them offering online meetings as well.
Picking Me Foundation Support Group
The foundation offers a Chicago-based support group where all BFRBs are welcome. Currently, this group is held online via zoom. On their website you can also find a list of more support groups around the world.
International OCD Foundation: Online Support Group
This support group is offered for people suffering from a BFRB as well as family, friends and interested people.
Contact information:
Phone: 734-652-8907
Monthly BFRB Support Group
The Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta offer a free support group that takes place every month on zoom (first Wednesday of each month from 12 to 1 pm).
For more information or questions you can contact: Dr. Noble at or Dr. Basu at
The zoom link can be found on the website.
Skin Picking Support
The website Skin Picking Support offers online meetings for people suffering from skin picking and other BFRBs. Access to the meetings (usually one Saturday per month) is provided through the official facebook group. If you have questions, send an e-mail to Angela (
BFRB Youth Support Group
This support group is especially for children and youth aged 13 to 18 who struggle with BFRBs. The meetings take place online once a month via Zoom. For participation, permission from a parent or guardian is required!
BFRB Parent & Child Support Group
Parents and their children who want to take part in a support group together can join this monthly online meeting. Permission from the child’s parent or guardian is necessary!